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But I’ve always thought of you — and I mean this in the best possible way — as a stone-cold killer bitch
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ох лол, иногда реально интересно следить, как далеко фандом заносит в теориях.
теория про близнеца Джона от (по-моему) главного генератора мет the-7-percent-solution:

Ever notice how there’s always a phantom hanging around John? How Sherlock talks to him even when he’s not there, as if there’s a duplicate, invisible John just chilling at Baker Street? How John’s sister Harry talks to him on Twitter even though he doesn’t have an account? How the newspaper reads “two places at once!” as John passes it or the case of the duplicate man in The Six Thatchers? Or how about John reading “My husband is three people” during his wedding planning? Now think about how twice now we’ve seen Sherlock dismiss John’s notion of twins for the cases – John suggests twins because he had one.

“There are no ghosts, save those we make for ourselves.”

John carries this ghost in every episode, but in The Six Thatchers it becomes easier to see. Neat. So how did the twin die? Maybe the same subtextual way as the boy in TST – ready to come out to his conservative family but dies beforehand, his parents blissfully unaware. Harry’s alcoholic and queer, John was suicidal and queer coded as well. It wouldn’t take a huge leap to guess the third sibling was queer, too. And knowing addiction is in the family, not to mention John being compared to a junkie, the other Watson may have used drugs and died from them. An excellent mirror opportunity for John’s outrage at Sherlock’s relapse.

Sherlock’s struggle is about how he deals with others, John’s struggle is how he deals with himself. Think of the guilt hanging around the closeted man, the doctor, who couldn’t save his twin. Think about why the Watson family isn’t close anymore.

We’re all focused on the identity and history of the third Holmes that we will be totally blindsided when they reveal the third Watson.

(The working title for TST was The Three Watsons.)

Ещё интересная теория про родственника/близнеца Мориарти: Moriarty’s sibling is behind his reappearance: evidence from canon and BBC parallels

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